Leading the Way: the CEO of Ispirer in an interview to GoodFirms

Sergey Shiklo, CEO, Ispirer Systems“Having crossed an annual revenue of 10 million, our goal is to position Ispirer Toolkit as a premier, internationally recognized database migration tool, helping companies from around the world streamline operations, save time, and boost profits with our cover-all feature set, ease of use, broad functionality, and customizability”
Sergey Shyklo
CEO, Ispirer Systems

Sergey Shyklo, CEO of Ispirer Toolkit, shares in his interview with GoodFirms how they created this best-in-class software to fulfill the end-to-end database management needs of various businesses and industries with its ingenious features, multi-industry utility, reliable customer support, and a reasonable use-based pricing.

Headquartered in the USA, Ispirer Toolkit is a wide-array database migration software designed to control various aspects of database modernization and related operations for businesses of all sizes. The software is versatile and customizable and caters to a broad range of industries, including financial sector, manufacturing, healthcare, education, government, and more. The Ispirer Toolkit system is also useful for IT service companies looking to speed up the conversion process.

Ispirer Toolkit offers comprehensive tools for database migration, and application conversion. The software provides SQLWays Wizard to migrate databases and nGLFly Wizard for application migration. Besides, it comes in a package with an auxiliary tool for database and application assessment.

Ispirer Toolkit enables a license-based pricing model where the license costs depend on the project size and its duration. The company allows customized pricing to the clients after thorough analysis of the source database or application. Overall, the pricing is reasonable for the numerous advantages that the software offers businesses.

GoodFirms interviewed and discussed the detailed offerings of Ispirer Toolkit software directly with Sergey Shyklo, CEO of Ispirer Toolkit, to learn more about the software.

Versatile Database Migration Software

Initiating the interview, Sergey describes Ispirer Toolkit as a global database migration system designed as a solution for automated migration of applications and various databases. The software is especially efficient for migrating a huge volume of code while preserving the original architecture of a source application and converting complex business logic. Sergey also highlights that Ispirer Toolkit helps businesses automate the migration of even the most complicated database management systems, allowing them to significantly cut down on costs and time required for migration. Moreover, Ispirer Toolkit is highly customizable. The company configures the tool according to every client’s specific migration requirements, enabling migration of a huge system in a short period of time.

On being questioned what motivated the company to create Ispirer Toolkit, Sergey explains that the main objective behind developing Ispirer Toolkit software was to simplify the process of SQL migration between technologies by creating a comprehensive tool to automate this process.

Distinctive Features

Discussing the unique features and offerings of Ispirer Toolkit, Sergey elaborates that versatility is the main advantage of this database migration software. Sergey adds that while the other competitor products specialize in one or several technologies, Ispirer Toolkit supports more than 30 legacy and modern database management software and more than 15 programming languages. Besides, the company offers comprehensive and reliable client support.

Sergey further elucidates that Ispirer Toolkit has been designed to easily adapt to any database or new programming language, eliminating all boundaries of source and target technologies. The software helps businesses enhance accuracy by eliminating manual errors. Sergey reveals that another significant value addition that Ispirer Toolkit offers, is greater cost and time savings in a migration project. It also ensures enhanced security by providing a tool to the clients for securely carrying out migration on their own.

Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Customer satisfaction and retention are crucial for business success. Sergey details that to ensure utmost client satisfaction, they adhere to a client-centered approach, addressing all issues individually with each client. The company also assigns a dedicated business manager for every client to ensure quick communication and prompt response to all issues and incoming requests. Sergey discloses that due to this approach, the company’s Net Promoter Score last year was close to 90%.

Sergey clarifies that most of their clients with large migration projects are repetitive, making it around 15% to 20% share of repeat sales. Moreover, the number of repetitive clients for Ispirer Toolkit is improving each year.

Dedicated Customer Support

Further in the interview, Sergey explains that the company offers diligent customer support to help its clients make the best use of the Ispirer Toolkit. The company assigns a seasoned account manager to every client for resolving all the technical issues and customizing the software as needed.

Additionally, the company facilitates extensive knowledge resources for the users of the Ispirer Toolkit migration system, including documentation on their products and information on frequently encountered difficulties in migration from different database management systems. Moreover, the company maintains a blog on their website, highlighting general issues of the transition to new technologies. It also runs a YouTube channel with help videos to guide and support the users.

Ispirer Toolkit - The Best Database Migration Software

“Due to the fact that the market is changing rapidly, the process of improving our product is endless, as it is necessary to comply with modern trends. Our focus is on improving the speed of migration, improving the means for pre-migration assessment in order to make the migration process as predictable as possible. In addition, we plan to create an opportunity for clients to independently train Ispirer Toolkit to suit their needs in order to increase the automation,” says Sergey Shyklo.

Ispirer Toolkit is emerging as a market leader and popular choice for businesses looking for all-inclusive modernization software. GoodFirms researchers have identified Ispirer Toolkit as one of the best database management software for its versatile migration tools, high customizability, multi-industry utility, prompt & diligent customer support, and reasonable pricing.

To know more about the offerings of Ispirer Toolkit, one can also go through the detailed interview published at GoodFirms.

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