Ispirer partners with AWS for seamless db migration to the cloud

October 11, 2023

AWS Partnership

On September 20th, 2023, Ispirer Systems announced its strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The strategic collaboration is designed to help businesses provide tailored modernization experiences to customers worldwide while also facilitating the migration to cloud through the use of Ispirer automated tools.

As organizations continue to accelerate their digital transformation journeys, cloud migration has become a key focus area. This strategic partnership is aimed at helping businesses to speed up and save resources on their legacy database migration to AWS through Ispirer automated solutions – Ispirer Toolkit. The toolkit is designed to complement and expand the AWS Schema Conversion Tool offering and bring the overall migration experience to the next level. In essence, through the customization of Ispirer Toolkit, companies will be able to personalize the database migration process and automate it to the maximum extent possible. Thus simplifying the migration process, Ispirer and AWS help organizations remain competitive, adapt quickly to market changes and improve user experience.

Ispirer focuses on streamlining the modernization process, offering a proprietary cutting-edge Ispirer Toolkit designed for automated database migration. The tool supports numerous relational database management systems and has the potential to assist a broad spectrum of clients dealing with diverse legacy and modern databases run on Windows and Linux. With the recent integration of AWS, customers will benefit from a simplified migration journey, seamless and highly efficient database migration experience.

AWS is committed to providing its customers with the best modernization solutions, and this partnership with Ispirer reinforces that commitment. The partnership brings a host of benefits for businesses seeking to migrate their databases to the AWS cloud:

  • Exceptional migration automation and acceleration with Ispirer Toolkit
  • Further enhancement of the automation level through Ispirer Toolkit customization
  • Simplified migration journey setup due to the availability of Ispirer on AWS Marketplace
  • Migrated database aligned with the AWS infrastructure
  • Cost-efficient migration with up to 100% automation of the process

Ispirer’s CBDO Julia Tuskal expressed enthusiasm about this collaboration, stating, "The partnership with AWS marks a significant milestone for Ispirer Systems, as it strengthens our database migration capabilities, allowing us to provide customers with a smoother transition to cloud infrastructure. This collaboration aligns with our commitment to simplifying the migration journey for organizations of all sizes, reinforcing AWS leadership in the cloud industry."

As part of the collaboration between Ispirer and Amazon Web Services, solution architects and business analysts on both teams will be able to provide AWS customers with Ispirer migration solutions and accelerate their migration journey by 2-4 times. On September 21, the companies held an online meeting dedicated to defining the partnership roadmap and reviewing the Ispirer proprietary solutions for businesses that move their infrastructure to cloud.

The partnership between Ispirer and AWS sets the stage for a new era in database migration, delivering unmatched high-quality, accelerated, and cost-efficient migration for customers worldwide. As the demand for cloud migration solutions continues to grow, this collaboration promises to simplify and optimize the journey for businesses of all sizes.

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