Foundation Partners, LLC, United States

Sybase ASA to Microsoft SQL Server (including embedded SQL migration in PowerBuilder)

Foundation Partners, LLC, United States

John Reichling

June 24, 2014

Our company was faced with the challenge of performing database migrations from SQL Anywhere to Microsoft SQL Server and the modification of the embedded SQL in PowerBuilder applications for several of our existing customers.

Each of these projects involved the conversion of approximately seven hundred tables, hundreds of functions with embedded SQL, as well as many views, procedures, triggers, menus, structures and user objects that were to be migrated. We were very concerned about the amount of time and labor required to manually migrate the database and application code.

We have been very happy with how Ispirer Systems’ migration tool, SQLWays, has helped us with these projects. It is unlikely the projects would have been affordable without the productivity gains archived from use of this tool. We have also been very pleased with the customer service from the sales, engineering and support teams at Ispirer. The highly responsive technical support made it easier to overcome the challenges we faced during these migrations. Our support requests were reviewed in a timely fashion and all issues were resolved quickly. Our thanks for the excellent support.

We would strongly recommend the Ispirer team and the SQLWays product to anyone undertaking the migration of a database or the embedded SQL within an application.

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