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June 6, 2024

Ispirer Toolkit Improvements, June 2024

The quality of a product directly depends on the team's efforts to improve it. This also means regular analysis of functionality and close communication with clients, that is, users of the products. We constantly collect feedback from customers in order to objectively look at what can be improved and refined in our solutions for the next release.

As we already explained in our previous monthly updates, Assessment Wizard generates 3 types of assessment reports: Standard, Extended and Advanced. Depending on the report type, Assessment Wizard provides varying degrees of database analysis from basic to full in-depth. Standard assessment report calculates the number of sql objects and overall sizeof the source database to give you an idea of the migration scope. Extended migration reports provide the same metrics of the database and a rough estimate of the migration service on top of it. Advanced reports provide a comprehensive in-depth analysis of the source database highlighting potential migration complexity and expected automation rate.

What is migration complexity? In fact, it is an assessment of sql constructions, objects and schemas that can be migrated automatically with SQLWays Wizard. Assessment Wizard generates info about the statements that might not be properly converted by SQLWays Wizard out-of-the-box. However, such constructions can still be converted automatically. For such constructions the tool estimates the number of customizations to achieve the maximum level of conversion possible.

Over the past month, we have made significant changes to the Assessment Wizard reports. Now the tool can predict the level of complexity and generate Advanced reports for Oracle to Java, SQL Server to Oracle, Sybase ASE to PostgreSQL, and Sybase ASE to SQL Server. It means that all these migration directions are now highly predictable, which helps to get the full, detailed picture of a future migration project.

A wow news for SQLWays Wizard. It officially supports a new distribution for Linux - Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 22.04. No claps needed, we are just doing our job and value our clients.

SQLWays Wizard has been enhanced with error handling capabilities for PostgreSQL. Let us remind you that at the end of any conversion stage SQLWays Wizard generates a comprehensive conversion report with the detailed information about the conversion outcome. From now on conversion reports contain guidance on how to resolve the errors. In case the configuration of the tool can help correct the error, SQLWays Wizard provides a link to the technical support website. As a result, the conversion reports are more informative, aiding in the resolution of issues encountered during migration.

NGLFly Wizard now supports migration of Swing for Informix to Java migration direction, which undoubtedly expands the pool of conversion capabilities of nGLFly Wizard.

Conversion improvements:

  • Oracle to Java: improved conversion of ifNullElse method, CONVERT_EXCEPT option, CRUD_EXTRACTION option, Arithmetic operations, Numbers and Dates, Getters and Setters, FETCH into Record, object type variable conversion with statistic, CLOSE statement, BFILE type, cursor for loop, MAP and MAP_WHEN_MORE_THEN_ONE_OUT options, delete method, Time type. Improvements related to conversion of return, twice declaration constructor without parameter, cursor conflict issue due to same column name, compare numbers with strings, DataAccessException import, IS NULL condition, object fields cating. Improvements related to generation of proxy for overloaded methods, generation of proxy with User object type parameters
  • Sybase IQ to Oracle: improvements related to SELECT INTO table conversion, hex values in dynamic statements, location conversion, reserved words case conversion.
  • Sybase ASE to Aurora PostgreSQL: improved conversion of getutcdate() function.
  • Delphi to JavaScript: improved conversion of MessageDlg function
  • DB2 to PostgreSQL: improvements related to migration data of IMPLICITLY HIDDEN columns, conversion of types CHAR/VARCHAR FOR BIT DATA, CLOB, BLOB and its data
  • SQL Server to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of COL_LENGTH function, COL_NAME function, MERGE, select from nested cte, ELSE IF statement conversion, converting FOR XML PATH, xml.exist method.
  • Oracle to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of partition and subpartition, PACKAGE VARS, UNION types, TABLE(), PIVOT, rownum, GetConvertingObjectId function, BULK COLLECT. Improvements related to PK and UNIQUE constraints on partitioned tables, using procedure params in Hierarchical queries, Package vars with SWF functions, using of package functions in calculated columns.
  • Firebird to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of xmax keyword, procedure name with space, 'SUM' in return, Extra quotes for SUM column in procedure
  • SQL Server to Oracle: improvements related to duplicate variable name
  • C# to Java: improvements related to using Random Type, using Enum, Next и NextInt64 methods conversion, implementation of Interface
  • C++ to C#: improved conversion of TRACE macros, PathAppend method, ASSERT, VERIFY macros, sscanf method, sizeof method, time and localtime methods, Comment, tolower method, ACHAR in if, HKEY, free method, strrchr method, Nested class, Forward class declaration, unsigned char cast, ofstream, char to string, _tmain method, WinMain method, _tWinMain method, DllMain method, strcmp method. Added Autodesksk.Civil using
  • Informix to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of select from OUTER table, PREPARE FROM with dynamic conversion, conversion UNITS with parameters, Temp table is created with schema, conversion Date to Int, RAISE EXCEPTION, select from TABLE(SET{}) conversion, EXCEPTION conversion
  • Informix 4GL to Java: improvements related to compare BigDecimal global, compare string global, Extract data into global
  • PBScripts to Java:improvements related to setPointer, profileString functions conversion, Create DataStore
  • VB to C#: improved conversion of main method

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