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May 10, 2024

Ispirer Toolkit Improvements, May 2024

The Ispirer team proves every month that improving the quality of conversion is our main trump card. Enriching the core of Ispirer Toolkit is our main goal in order to provide a high level of migration for all directions.

This month we added a whole bunch of conversion rules to our tool (as always). Among the technologies that received the most updates are the following: Informix, PostgreSQL, Visual FoxPro, Sybase ASE, MS SQL Server, Oracle, C++, DB2, Sybase IQ, Firebird.

Ispirer Toolkit has received several important updates. One of them is improving ESQL recognition in source code. Now the tool qualitatively identifies the ESQL contained in the source code to enable a more accurate conversion to the selected technology. What is more, the extraction of constraints for Oracle as a source was modernized so that the tool quickly selects the necessary information.

Assessment Toolkit hasn’t been left unnoticed either. Additionally, for SQL Server to PostgreSQL conversions, we've refined the complexity calculation algorithm for more accurate and quick database assessment.

Besides, the Ispirer experts greatly updated our Java frameworks with the new functionality.Besides, the Ispirer experts greatly updated our Java frameworks with the new functionality.

Conversion improvements:

  • Oracle to Java: improved conversion of GETTERS_SETTERS option, JDBC exception when NO_DATA_FOUND, Variable name, WriteAppend procedure, CAST_TO_VARCHAR2 function, Cursor Rowtype in Nested Function, WriteAppend procedure, READ procedure, CONSTANT variable, convertToBlob procedure, %rowtype record, CRUD_EXTRACTION option, cursor for loop conversion, Arithmetic operations, import when inheritance, SYS_CONTEXT, DBMS_SESSION.SET_IDENTIFIER, OWA_UTIL.WHO_CALLED_ME, DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO.READ_CLIENT_INFO, OUTPUT_PARAM options. Improvements related to calling one member method from another, calling of overloaded method, recording extraction into interface, using object inherited fields, assigning null into collection. Added new value for option "Convert OUT parameters to" option on Advanced button of Oracle to Java direction
  • Oracle to Sybase ASE: improved conversion of double quotes in column
  • Sybase IQ to Oracle: improved conversion of reserved words as column names, SELECT INTO, DATEDIFF conversion, conversion of the alias used for another calculated column. Added delimiters between the commands for SQL Plus. Improved code import mechanism into Oracle DB
  • Sybase ASE to Oracle: improved conversion of TO_TIMESTAMP
  • SQL Server to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of quoted column names, schema name in quoters conversion, data types after case conversion, VARBINARY data. Improvements related to correct schema name with objects mapping, duplicate data type in table for stored procedure
  • SQL Server to Oracle: improved conversion of concat function, LTRIM and RTRIM functions
  • Oracle to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of XML functions, global variables conversion, INSERT ALL conversion, conversion collection methods for global variable, NLSSORT function, conversion of CONSTANT, values for partitioning columns conversion, PARTITION_ENABLE option, SWF_Bitand, Unique constraints. Improvements related to using of package functions in views
  • Firebird to Oracle: improved conversion of CHECK constraint name conversion, local variables in triggers. Added rownum to select count. Updated query
  • SQL Server to DB2: improvements related to updating with join on subselect conversion
  • SQL Server to Java: improved conversion of select NULL
  • C++ to C#: improved conversion of AfxMessageBox method, bind method in if, listen method in if, Rollback method, conversion for Operators
  • Visual FoxPro to C#: improved conversion of GlobalVariablesType, OptionGroup, СommandGroup, Cursor, DTOC function, Dimetion, TableUpdate function, EditBox, Proper, Replace, For, Label, ButtonControl, AdditionalControl, Namespace, At function, ValidEvent, DoDefault, Directory function, MessageBox, Seek, Left, Right, Not, Alen function , DoForm, Replace, Check, comments, DataBindings, OnFocus, Array, Init, WhenEvent, ValidEvent, Screen, Nodefault, Var
  • Delphi to Java: improved conversion of MutableObject with statistics
  • Informix to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of named notation when calling functions, CONVERT_DBLINK_TO_SCHEMA option, Maximum output rowsize, Convert mdy into make_date without swf, into temp tablename, Extra output refcursors, global variables conversion, DATE(num) conversion, TABLE function. Added DBLinks mapping feature.
  • DB2 AS 400 to DB2 LUW: improved conversion of Comments
  • Firebird to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of NUMERIC and BOOLEAN, Comma, line break conversion, option USER_TYPE_TO_BASE_TYPE, conversion a table containing calculated columns, conversion group by with subselect

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