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Ocure Analytics, Hungary
Microsoft SQL Server to PostgreSQL Migration
Ocure Analytics. Microsoft SQL Server to PostgreSQL Database Migration

To whom it may concern

Ocure Analytics has selected and engaged Ispirer Systems to transform one of our MS SQL databases to Postgresql version along with more than 30 stored procedures, many of them quite complicated.


Kazakh National Pedagogical University
PASCAL to C#.NET Migration Kazakh National Pedagogical University. PASCAL to C#.NET Migration

I am doing academic work at Kazakh National Pedagogical University.

During the process of electronic textbooks implementation, we faced conversion task that required migrating three small Pascal programs to C# that were developed in 1993.


Extedo, Germany
DB2 to MSSQLServer
Extedo, Germany. DB2 to MSSQLServer

EXTEDO was founded in 1996 as a department of IABG with a simple vision: to help life sciences organizations ensure Effortless Compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements.


WeCare Technologies, Palestine
Oracle to SAP HANA
WeCare Technologies, Palestine. Oracle to SAP HANA

I doubt the there is a better SQL migration tool out there. Does the job smoothly, great support!


Gisoft Ltd. Russia

Microsoft SQL Server to PostgreSQL migration
Gisoft Ltd. Russia. Microsoft SQL Server to PostgreSQL Migration

Gisoft Ltd., the software developer of automated control systems for education, after numerous and mostly unsuccessful experiments and efforts to find a solution for structure and data transfer between different DBMS turned to Ispirer Systems in the fall of 2017 for assistance in solving the task of database migration from MS SQL Server platform to PostgreSQL platform.


InterBase 6.0 to Microsoft SQL Server
SEA-PRODUCTIQUE, France . InterBase to Microsoft SQL Server

Within the framework of the factory's supervisory and information system updating project we were looking for a tool to migrate the existing "Interbase 6.0" database to "Microsoft SQL Server". Very quickly, our choice fell on the software "Ispirer MnMTK 2017", and the first migration was accomplished very quickly with 98% level of automatization. Only a few technical peculiarities related to the "Interbase" ("generator" in particular) were problematic, but thanks to the great reactivity of Ispirer, the migration of the schema and data was successfully completed.


BioSignals Ltd, Israel
SAP Sybase SQL ANYWHERE database migration to MSSQL
BioSignals Ltd, Israel. SAP Sybase SQL ANYWHERE to MSSQL

In The last 2 weeks your company helps us to migrate a big Sybase SQL Anywhere database schema and content to MSSQL 2017.
Before we got your service, we tried to use other products and other services for this task - and we face some major migration issues.


Tabs and Spaces, Cyprus
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 to MySQL
Tabs and Spaces, Cyprus. Microsoft SQL Server 2000 to MySQL

In one of our most challenging projects of 2017, we had to migrate a legacy database of over 3GB, which was still running on Microsoft SQL 2000 server, onto a new MySQL database.


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Case Studies
January 5, 2018IBM DB2 LUW to PostgreSQL Migration, United States

Our Customer was the US public corporation and independent unit of state government.


September 11, 2017Sybase ASE to Microsoft SQL Server, Chile

Ispirer has already completed projects for customers from all seven continents, including South America. This time we had the honour to cooperate with a large software manufacturer based in Chile.



We tried the Trial version and tried to convert one of the Stored procedure. The result was better that the other products which we tried.

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