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IBM DB2 migration

Ispirer is IBM Partner for database migration

If you are looking for a solution to migrate IBM DB2 database, Ispirer Systems offers you a powerful migration tool – Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit, which will help you to migrate your database to a large variety of databases!

Ispirer MnMTK combines leading-edge innovations with best practices to deliver the fastest and most cost-effective solution for your IBM DB2 migration project.

Ispirer MnMTK supports each DB2 version:

The main purpose of Ispirer Systems is to carry out a high-grade and top-of-the-line database migration. We personalize our migration tool Ispirer MnMTK in such a way that a customized version can fully satisfy a client's business needs.

We guarantee the migration to be done with zero risk and minimum amount of work.

  • 100% Automation: we can customize the tool in order to achieve fully automated migration process
  • 2 ways of cooperation: get a license to perform migration yourself or order our service to get migration done on our side
  • Optimized Conversion: you get intelligent and maintainable code without using any Ispirer’s middleware
  • Reasonable pricing strategy makes Ispirer MnMTK even more powerful instrument for such migration task.

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Meet Ispirer MnMTK 2017!
October 4, 2017 Meet Ispirer MnMTK 2017!

We are glad to announce the Release of Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit 2017! We worked in a strong cooperation with our customers to make it more convenient and powerful.


The tool is amazing. I like the fact that it import even the triggers of my Firebird database.

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