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PowerBuilder Migration

Moving from one application to another is always costly. Such a project involves a lot of factors that must be predetermined and taken into consideration. That’s why customers often seek for ways to economize on this time and money consuming process and Ispirer MnMTK application migration solution is just what they need. Now converting PowerBuilder applications has become much easier as you can use Ispirer MnMTK application migration tool that allows converting thousands of lines of code in the direction you choose.

Target Technologies Supported by Ispirer MnMTK

Ispirer MnMTK is capable of converting PowerBuilder applications to the following technologies:

The tool is customized per a customer’s project and in the end of tuning process the automation level can reach up to 95% and even more. This is an ideal application migration solution.


Assessment helps estimate the efforts and cost of a migration. To make the process of assessment easier and faster you can download our PowerBuilder Source Extractor by following the link:

Download PowerBuilder Source Extractor

Why Ispirer MnMTK

Ispirer MnMTK is a flexible and effective tool for migrating applications, scripts and databases. Conversion rules are easily modifiable and can be customized to suit your needs. Ispirer MnMTK offers highly automated, consistent and integrated conversion of the entire application. Our migration tool eliminates the risk of errors in application migration and allows minimizing time for application conversion.

Ispirer offers comprehensive engagement process for your application conversion project. For the detailed information please go to Application Migration Engagement Model page.

PowerBuilder Versions

PowerBuilder 12.5.2 and earlier

Case Studies
July 20, 2014PowerBuilder to С# Conversion, United States

Our Baltimore, Maryland-based client has been providing documentation and billing solutions for hospitals for more than fifteen years. The migration task was to be performed for one of its...


May 27, 2014PowerBuilder to Java Migration, United States

Ispirer was engaged by an ISV company that develops and provides advanced maintenance software solutions and services in the airline software market. The company, founded in 1997, has its main...


December 3, 2012Epicor Software Corporation, United States
Progress 4GL to C# .Net Migration

"Epicor has engaged with the Ispirer team to create and refine prototype techniques for migrating certain parts of the Epicor Progress ABL code to well...



Your software was critical to the success of our task of migrating 80 databases from the AS/400 to SQL Server. I would highly recommend your company and products to anyone who has the type of challenge we had. Your tool turned out to be the best and most reasonably priced product I researched and your customer support is excellent.

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