Higher School of Economics, Russia

Delphi to C#

Higher School of Economics, Russia

Sobolevsky A.N.

Head, Professor of the Department of Technologies
for Complex System Modelling Faculty of Computer Science

March 25, 2019

Collaboration testimonial.

Our laboratory is engaged in various projects in the field of mathematical modelling. In particular, we have a longtime project, written in the Delphi programming language, which is not currently in line with various existing architectures. In this regard, we were given the task of migrating to a more common programming language C#.

The project that had to be migrated is an algorithm that forecasts the outcome probabilities of sporting events. In future, the completed migration will allow this project to grow into more essential research of the laboratory in the field of sports data analysis.

lspirer helped us significantly save our resources, as the migration software showed its high efficiency: speed and quality of conversion. I believe that our feedback on the work is as important for the company, as for us the ability to use the lspirer software.

We certainly recommend Ispirer as a reliable supplier of a quality product for migration purposes.


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