Why Ispirer

Our core mission is to help you migrate different databases, no matter how massive they are.

Key Advantages

  • Up to 100%
  • Highly Customizable
    and Flexible
  • Flexible Pricing
  • High Quality
  • Considerable
    Efforts Saving
  • Optimized
  • Support of
    Most Technologies
  • Advantages of
    New Technology

What We Offer

Database Migration

Database Migration

We migrate SQL objects, tables and data between all the most popular databases. As a result, you get a fully functioning database system.

Application Migration

Application Conversion

We convert programming code between various technologies. Finally, you get an intelligent code with warranty period.

Embedded SQL and Database API Conversion

During the modernization of the system, you may need to make changes to the integration between applications and databases, thus we offer a comprehensive conversion of the Embedded SQL statements and Database APIs.

Benefits You Get

Considerable time and efforts saving

The conversion process is significantly speeded up through the automation, thus the project is completed within the shortest time period and with your minimal effort.

High quality, easy maintanable result

We tailor the toolkit to achieve the highest level of automation. You get clean and transparent code in the target technology, prepared for further development and modification.

Advantages of the latest technologies

You completely get rid of the old technology, and thus no any middleware is used after the process. You only have to enjoy the advantages of future-proof technologies.

What Our Customers Say

MySQL to Oracle

Microsoft SQL Server to PostgreSQL

Informix to Microsoft SQL Server

Sybase ASE to Microsoft SQL Server, PowerBuilder to Windows Forms

Oracle to PostgreSQL

Informix to Microsoft SQL Server

DB2 AS/400 (iSeries) to Microsoft SQL Server

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