Engagement Process

Ispirer’s prime product is Ispirer Toolkit, an integrated suite of solutions that enables to perform the most complex and challenging database and application migrations. It supports a wide range of databases and applications: from most popular and widespread to very rare and old.

We offer Ispirer Toolkit licensing and migration services based on the tool. A client is free to choose a preferable option; however, we can quote for both and give professional advice. The engagement process for database migration projects consists of the following steps:

Step 1. Gathering information on the project.

Being aware of as many details as possible means the ability to fully satisfy business requirements. Especially for this reason, clients can find Questionnaires on our website, fill them in and send them to us together with the request.

Particularly, the most important details we need to know about your migration project are:

  1. Number of databases for conversion;
  2. Data volume;
  3. Number of tables and views;
  4. Presence of triggers, functions, stored procedures and their count;
  5. LOC count in different types of business logic objects separately and total LOC number in the whole database;
  6. Any other specific features for conversion;
  7. Timeframes of the migration project.

The peculiarities mentioned above define the final price of a license or migration services.

In order to quickly collect statistical information about your database you can use our free Ispirer Assessment Wizard.

Step 2. Project assessment.

After receiving the required information about the project, we start its assessment. Our experts analyze the current automation level (generally the automation level of each migration direction is more than 75%), the feasible level of automation (it can reach up to 99,99%), distinguish objects and features which can be added to Ispirer Toolkit for automated migration, and finally make a project migration plan for the client.

Step 3. Live demo and test scripts conversion.

To have a better understanding of the project complexity we ask the client to provide us with some test scripts. Afterwards we set up a WebEx session and show online the conversion of these scripts with the help of Ispirer Toolkit. The client has a great opportunity to get acquainted with the tool interface, its options and see Ispirer Toolkit in use. The demo session is held by an Ispirer technical consultant and a business manager leading the project, who are open to both technical and business questions. Moreover, after the analysis of the provided scripts our experts can make a more accurate assessment of the project.

Step 4. Licensing and Service Type Choice.

Providing a general understanding to the client of how we license our tool and provide migration services, we seek to facilitate cooperation processes and assist in choosing the right license or service type.

  • Project License. Ispirer Toolkit is a project-based migration toolset. This means it is licensed for a particular project with definite requirements. The license is issued taking into consideration customers’ needs and is delivered exactly for the scope figured out by the customer. We offer three editions of Ispirer Toolkit: Standard, Professional and Enterprise. The client can choose a license with or without our technical support. As a rule, the client gets a negotiated number of support/change requests that they will use for developing Ispirer Toolkit capabilities in order to raise automated migration level and bring it to its highest point.
  • ISV/Corporate License. For large corporations, which perform several migrations a year on a regular basis, Ispirer has a special offer: ISV/Corporate licenses. We license Ispirer Toolkit for a number of migration projects at once. Usually such a license is offered for one year including our technical support in the form of customizations. Their number is also discussed before obtaining the license. After a year of usage, the license can be prolonged.
  • Migration Services. Those customers who do not possess required resources or simply lack time are welcome to experience our migration services. We can do a migration project at our side from the very beginning to the very end, able to conform to the client’s requirements. Our IT professionals perform migrations considering the client’s needs and can offer implementation of solutions developed by our team as well as realization of solutions proposed by the client. Once the project is finished, we also provide a warranty period, so the client can have communication with the team if it is necessary. Ispirer provides migration services remotely via VPN, RDP, TeamViewer, etc. or can perform migrations onsite.

Step 5. Price Negotiation

Every project is unique. That’s why we provide estimates only after we have been able to assess the project. Our prices are based on the scope of the project and business requirements. Each project is reviewed and discussed separately and the final price is a subject to negotiation.

Following the steps described above, you will help us make the engagement process clear and convenient. From our side we aim to treat every customer with respect analyzing and understanding their demands and requirements.