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Solution Partners

High Availability Systems Co. Ltd.

High Availability Systems Co. Ltd.

High Availability Systems Co.Ltd. (HAS) is a Japanese System integrator. Since 1985 HAS founded, a leading system integration company for HP NonStop, Oracle and SQL Server Database.

HAS is delivering various solution product to over 100 end-users by 24 x 7 support desk HAS has been providing thousands of application development, Hardware and middleware delivering and building best infrastructure of customer systems. Working closely Hewlet Packard Japan, providing value added migration service with tightly partner relationship.


Greenplum is driving the future of Big Data analytics

Greenplum Database® is an advanced, fully featured, open source data warehouse. It provides powerful and rapid analytics on petabyte scale data volumes. Uniquely geared toward big data analytics, Greenplum Database is powered by the world’s most advanced cost-based query optimizer delivering high analytical query performance on large data volumes. Originally based on PostgreSQL, Greenplum Database has added a significant number of data warehouse innovations.

With technical and business leaders from large-scale computing companies like Amazon and Yahoo!, and database companies including Oracle, Informix, Teradata, Netezza, Microsoft and Vertica, Greenplum is tapping the best minds in the business of big data to deliver the next-generation of data warehousing and analytics.

ezTips, Inc.

ezTips, Inc.

ezTips, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise NonStop business partner, has been developing and selling its own(as well as third party)solutions and consulting services for several years, and has established partnerships with various industry leaders. All ezTips staff has decades of NonStop systems experience and knowledge, and all are HPE NonStop Server certified engineers (ASE and AIS).

The company offers solutions and tools for HPE NonStop Server systems in Korea, as well as System Monitoring solution 'MOMI' (BlackWood Systems, Inc.), Fault tolerant "NonStop engine" 'NSE/MT' (MicroTech Consulting), Various in-house resources and solutions (ezSock, ezSQL, ezSuite, ezOM, etc.), Software Configuration Management tool CCC/Harvest (CA Korea) cooperation and distribution (BuildManager).

LJA Soluciones

LJA Soluciones

LJA Soluciones

LJA Soluciones has been offering support in implementation and maintenance of technical and application infrastructure since 2006. The company is formed by system engineers with more than 20 years of experience in the field of mainframe operating systems such as DOS/VS, MVS/ESA, OS/390 y z/Series.

LJA Soluciones offers migration and corrective maintenance services for IBM and Non-IBM software (database migration and tuning, online replication, online administration of storage systems, information security, information systems analysis, design and implementation, etc.).

ScienceSoft Inc.

ScienceSoft Inc. - Professional Software Development

ScienceSoft Inc. is a leading Eastern European IT outsourcing company located in Minsk, Belarus. Our key strengths include 250+ IT staff, ISO 9001:2000 certification and 19 years of market experience. ScienceSoft's technological expertise is concentrated in the areas such as automated application migration, mobile technologies, and software testing. ScienceSoft possesses strong knowledge of vertical domains including financial services and banking, healthcare, telecommunications, engineering, retail, security, construction and transportation. The client base exceeds one hundred companies worldwide, from small businesses to Fortune 500 multinationals. Companies that have entrusted to us their long-term IT projects include IBM, TietoEnator, CambridgeSoft and Videlity.

Sonata Software Ltd.

Sonata Software Ltd.

Sonata Software, headquartered in Bangalore, India, is a leading IT consulting and services company. Sonata's customers are located across the US, Europe, Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region. Its portfolio of services includes IT Consulting, Product Engineering Services, Travel Solutions, Application Development, Application Management, Managed Testing, Business Intelligence, Infrastructure Management and Packaged Applications. As per the industry rankings released by NASSCOM for 2008-09, Sonata Software figured among the Top 20 IT Software Services Exporters in India for the second consecutive year.

Zylog Systems Ltd.

Zylog Systems Ltd.

Zylog Systems Limited (ZSL) is a Global Systems Integrator and Business Solutions Provider headquartered in London, UK and Edison, New Jersey, USA. With more than 4000 employees worldwide, ZSL is focused on developing and delivering enterprise IT solutions and services using emerging technology platforms to keep our customers' TCO low and ROI high. ZSL is a pioneer in business innovations and technology solutions, and has expertise in providing Onshore, Offshore and Near-shore technology solutions and services to enterprises worldwide. To learn more about ZSL and its' offerings, please visit

February 14, 2019Ricciarelli Packaging Systems, Italy

Ricciarelli Packaging Systems, Italy

'Ispirer has been a great choice for the migration of our...

February 10, 2019University of Maryland, United States

University of Maryland, United States

'Because of Ispirer and MnMTK, our team was able to devote...

Case Studies
June 20, 2018Progress 4GL to .NET C# WinForms Solution, United States

Company offerings include customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), and human capital management (HCM) software.

Company serves over 20,000 customers in 150...


April 28, 2018Informix 4GL to Microsoft SQL Server Solution, United States

Our Customer is a trusted US corporation that provides human resources services and business solutions for more than 100,000 small and midsized businesses across the United States.



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