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Welcome to this demonstration of the migration tools provided by Ispirer Systems.

In this video, we would like to show you how to migrate files from PL/I to Java Hibernate with the help of Ispirer tools.

Before proceeding directly to the demo, I would like to say a few words about the Ispirer toolkit provided for automatic conversion and modernization. There are two graphical tools based on a command line tool called

• Ispirer Migration and Modernization Engine – it can be run in batch mode and can perform the automatic conversion of application code contained in scripts.

• Ispirer Migration Studio – a GUI tool oriented specifically to the conversion of a separate application script. Works with one script at a time.

• Ispirer Migration Commander – a GUI tool designed for the conversion of multiple files containing application code. Works with several scripts at a time.

Our source application works with a database and generates a report from the database. Let’s have a look at this report.

Let`s start the conversion with Ispirer Migration Commander. First, we need to select source and target languages; our source language is PL/I, and a target language is Java.

In the left pane of the tool, we need to choose a source file for the conversion, and in the right pane we choose a folder for migration results.

Once a file has been selected, we click the button Run and then OK.

The migration can take a few minutes.

At the bottom of the tool, we can see some logs and comments on the conversion process. They contain information about the total number of files, their names and size.

In this demo, we have a file with code written in PL/I. Let’s open this file and have a look at the migration results.

After the migration process has been completed, we can integrate the results to Java project and open them in Eclipse IDE, compile and execute them.

As you can see, all the code has been compiled and as a result, we get the same application. It generates the same report as the one, which is generated by the source application.

Let's look at this code in Ispirer Migration Studio.

In the left pane of the tool we can see our source file, let’s specify source and target languages – PL/I and Java, and click the button Run.

At the bottom of the tool we can see some comments and logs of the migration process.

In the right pane we can see the result of the conversion.

It looks the same as in Ispirer Migration Commander.

This is all information about the tools that our company provides for the conversion from PL/I to Java Hibernate.

It is just a review of the tools, so if you need additional information please contact us, and we will be glad to assist you in your migration projects.

Thank you very much for your attention. Bye.

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