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Let me show you a demo presentation of the migration tools provided by Ispirer Systems for the MySQL to SAP HANA database migration.

Ispirer Systems provides tools and services for automating databases and applications migration processes for a variety of conversion directions. The list of tools supplied for such a kind of automation is as follows:

• SQLWays Wizard – a GUI tool that is designed to simplify the database conversion process tuning for the SQLWays command-line tool. Works with the source database using the ODBC connection.

• SQLWays Studio – a GUI tool that is designed to simplify the database or application script conversion process tuning for the SQLWays command-line tool. Works with one script at a time.

• SQLWays Commander - a GUI tool that is designed to simplify the database or application scripts conversion process tuning for the SQLWays command-line tool. Works with several scripts at a time.

• Sqlways.exe – a command line tool that can be run in batch mode and can perform the automatic conversion of the database using the ODBC connection or the database and application code provided in scripts.

During this demo I will show you the MySQL to SAP HANA migration using SQLWays Wizard, SQLWays Studio and SQLWays Commander Tools mentioned in the list provided.

From this video you will see how to quickly export different objects like stored procedures, functions, triggers, tables from MySQL database to SAP Hana, how to migrate data from multiple tables in batch mode and how to do script conversion.

For these needs I’ve created in MySQL database a schema Hana_test. It contains several procedures, functions, tables, some of them with data, triggers and indexes. Let’s check. This table contains integer and varchar data. This table is with float data. And a table with integer data.

Let’s create a new MySQL schema in the SAP HANA database. Using SQLWays Wizard tool on a choose a source database page, we should specify ODBC connection to the source MySQL database, provide user name and password. On the next page we should specify the target database, host, port, user name and a password. Also we should specify bin directory. Click “Next” and you can see all the objects from our Hana_test schema in MySQL database. Let’s choose all these objects and migrate them.

On this page we can specify target schema name MySQL. Click “Next”. On this page we can specify Export directory. Click “Next”and choose no in the appeared window. Click “Next” and start Export process. You can see that SQLWays Wizard connected to MySQL database and extracted all the chosen earlier objects.

Let’s click button “View Export” and have a look at SQLWays log file with summary information about the number of each object type and the number of lines of code in them, data size, and status of the Database Export.

For each object there was created a separate SQL file with converted definitions and bat file for HDBSQL utility.

Similar information that is presented in SQLWays log file but in more readable format can be found in SQLWays report file. It contains summary information for tables, stored procedures, functions and triggers.

Now let’s turn to SQLWays Wizard and start Import to the SAP HANA database. You can see how SQLWays Wizard is importing tables into SAP HANA using HDBSQL utility provided by SAP company. Tables are being created with indexes.

Now SQLWays Wizard is importing stored procedures, functions and triggers into MySQL schema.

Now let’s turn to SAP HANA database and have a look at MySQL schema. We can see tables, triggers, procedures, no functions and one converted index.

For data migration I will create a new schema: MySQL data. You can see that a new schema has been created. Let’s refresh the catalogue.

Now in SQLWays Wizard we will choose three tables with data and migrate them to MySQL data schema.

Now we should specify the path for HDBSQL utility on the Linux SAP HANA server. Then we click “Next” and choose only tables with data. On specify DDL and Data options page we will change schema name to MySQL Data.

On the next page we should specify Export directory and click “Next”. Would you like to migrate data? we choose “Yes”.

On the Specify Import Options page we choose Unix system and specify Import Directory.

Then we can review the options selected before and proceed with migration. Now we can see that SQLWays Wizard is exporting the data. For each table a CSV file with data has been generated. Let’s check it. We can see that all the data has been generated.

For each CSV file has been generated a control file, a file with import command and file with data import command.

Now let’s choose all these files and copy them into the folder tmp\sap. I’m pasting here all the objects, run SQLWays all SH file. I will run it in Terminal. Let’s write here “bash”. So all the files have been imported. And let’s check SAP Hana Studio and our tables. You can see that three tables have been created. Let’s have a look at their data. As we can see the data has been imported correctly. Let’s check all the three tables. Data import was made successfully.

Now you’ll know how to migrate scripts and data using SQLWays Studio.

First you should open the files. Here the source direction is MySQL and the target direction SAP HANA. We can see all the source files on the left pane. Let’s convert them to SAP HANA. In the bottom you can see a conversion log with detailed information.

Let’s have a look at SQLWays Commander tool which is very similar to SQLWays Studio. Now we’ll specify the source and target directions: MySQL and SAP HANA. In Commander tool you can choose one file or multiple files or the whole folder and convert it. We should specify the directory for the target and click “Ok”. In the bottom you can see the conversion log with the status of the conversion and other information. Let’s check the conversion result. Here like in SQLWays Studio you can compare the source and target side by side.

That’s all that I wanted to tell you about MySQL to SAP Hana migration using SQLWays.

The information about the peculiarities of MySQL to SAP HANA migration and other tools that Ispirer Systems provides for database migration support will be described in our next demos or can be found on our website.

I hope this demo was useful. Thank you!

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