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Today in this demo I will show you how Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit converts a Delphi project to a Java Enterprise application with the Spring Framework.

First, I’d like to demonstrate you the source code. There are three files: *.dfm, *.pas and *.dpr. In the *.dfm file you can see the declaration of a form and two objects: a button and statictext. In the *.pas file we have a procedure for the button. When we click the button, the statictext object becomes visible and we can see the text. And *.dpr file is used to launch the application.

Let’s start the migration process. We should open Ispirer Migration Commander. It’s a powerful tool for conversion projects with flexible settings. Let’s start with the demonstration of pas files migration. We need to specify an ini-file with a conversion option: to do this, we click options – migration. In this area we need to specify a path to the ini-file. Press OK. In our case the option is UI_TYPE=SPRING. Now we need to open source files, you can see them here. The following step is result folder selecting. Then it is necessary to choose the source of the conversion – it is Delphi, and the target – it is Java. Let’s choose a *.pas file for the conversion.

Now we can run the migration by clicking Run button or f5, check conditions and accept them. The conversion log appears at the bottom of the screen and you can see the result of the conversion at the right panel. The result contains basic constructions of a migrated Java class. Access to the form is provided by Autowired annotation for the field of form. Data interaction is realized by 2 methods: the first one is setPageValues (with its help we can get values of an html page) and the second method is addModelAttributes (it means we can send data to the page).

There is also a result of the conversion of the *.dfm file. It is a TForm2 Java class which contains initialization logic of pages. At the same time the Java file has the current page mapping and fills input fields.

Then we need to convert the *.dfm file separately. Let’s choose Delphi DFM as a source and press RUN button. You can see that a JSP file has been generated and it contains an equivalent of Delphi elements.

So, let’s analyze the migrated code in IDE, in our case it is NetBeans. It’s a project with the same structure as we got after the migration. You can see that the code is compilable.

This is how our tool can proceed with Delphi projects. Ispirer Migration and Modernization ToolKit is highly customizable and we can change the conversion quickly for specific customer needs.

If you are interested in our tools or services, please contact us. You can find more information on our website Thank you!

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