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Today in this demo I will show how our tool SQLWays can automatically convert Delphi to C#. For this purposes our company provides several tools.

First of all I want to show you SQLWays Studio. You can see it on your screen. Before running the migration you need to specify source- Delphi and target- C#. Then you need to open some Delphi scripts for the migration. So let’s open some unit. You can see here functions and procedures that are processed with string and return some string. So when the file is open you only need to press button run.

Below you can see the information about the migration. Here we have 20 lines of code and we need about 8 seconds to complete this migration. In the right panel - the target C# result is appeared. You can see that unit is successfully converted to class, function Skin is converted to Skin Method in C#.

Also you can see here the conversion of declaration of variables; length Delphi function is successfully converted into length string property; while statement to while C# syntax, assign statements to C# assign statements. Return statement is added in C# to return string from method.

As you can see the whole process is done automatically.

SQLWays Studio is very useful when you need to convert separate script and review the result how some statements and constructions are converted to C#.NET

When you need to convert multiple scripts or for example the whole Delphi project - for this purposes our company provides another Tool- SQLWays Commander. You can see it on your screen.

SQLWays Commander is very similar to SQLWays Studio. You need to specify source like Delphi and target like C#, then you can choose for example the whole directory for the migration.

Here you need to specify where you want SQLWays to put the converted results and also here you can see file mask; you can specify PAS files or for example DFM files or the whole scope and press the button OK. Or for example you can choose 1 or 2 or 3 scripts and run the migration.

For example we want SQLWays to put the results into RSLT folder after the migration. Press button OK.

Below you can see that 2 files were recognized and now these 2 files are converted. So below we can find the information that 2 scripts were converted and we can review the result. For example, another unit with procedure is successfully converted and the same script is also converted here.

Also using SQLWays Commander you can convert the whole Delphi project to C#. To convert a Delphi project you need to find DPR file - Delphi project file- in your solution. Here we can see that 2 modules are used as SDIMAIN and ABOUT. We can review the logic of SDIMain and its UI representation and the same for ABOUT module.

If you want to convert the whole project you need the select DPR script and run the migration. For example, we want to convert it to CS_project folder.

Below you can see that SQLWays now is reading Delphi project file. There are ~ 15 lines and then SQLWays can automatically convert DPR script including all references. For example here you can see SDIMain module is successfully converted to XAML and XAML.cs scripts. We can review the result. In this case you can see that SQLWays converts to Windows Presentation Foundation technology in .NET using XAML scripts to represent the UI logic. You can see that for every module the designer and source code are generated.

CS project file is generated automatically. We can open this project in Visual Studio and see how it works. These 2 windows ABOUT and SDIMAIN are presented. We can run this project.

The main window is appeared and we can try to click button Run and see that some text is added so you can see that this event is working correctly.

As you can see SQLWays automates the entire migration process of your current Delphi application to C#.NET.

With using SQLWays you can eliminate most of associated risks and reduce internal efforts.

All these benefits are available with reasonable and competitive costs which makes SQLWays even more attractive instrument for this project type.

If you are interested in these services please contact us for more information.

Thanks for your attention. Bye!

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