COBOL to Java Online Presentation

Demo presentation text:

Hello! This is the demo about the tools provided by Ispirer Systems for application conversion from different languages to Java. In this video we will show the example of conversion from Cobol. Let’s start.

First of all, we run nGLFly Wizard.

On the “Welcome Page” the license information is shown. Then we can choose the path the folder where the configuration files are located.

The second page is “File Selection”. We need to choose source type. In our case it will be “Application”. By the way, this tool can migrate the database scripts and embedded SQL.

We need to choose “Cobol” as the source technology, from the list of the languages supported by the tool (it may be for example Delphi or PowerBuilder). And we need to select source files which need to be converted. This process will be the same for all directions.

The next page is “Source Options”. We can choose database API (OpenESQL) and database management system (Oracle) for conversion. Besides, we can set additional options for any directions if we click “Advanced” button.

On the “Target Options” page we can set parameters for conversion result.

The database API and database management system for the target may be also selected. Depending on the properties selected, you can change the options by clicking on the “Advanced” button.

Click next. Here we can choose the directory in which all the generated results of the conversion will be placed.

If you have some errors in conversion process, you need to rerun the conversion with the “Run in trace mode” property and get *.trc file. Please contact us and send this file for analyzing the errors.

The next page is used for checking all settings for conversion. We can click “Edit Options File” and see sqlways.ini file with the options selected.

SQLWays is our basic tool for application conversion, it is called from command line. You can see the options for conversion running from command line.

Click next. We need to press “Start conversion” to begin the migration. You can click “View results” and check the conversion output.

We have the sqlways.log file that includes all the information about conversion process. If there are some bugs in conversion, it will be shown in this file. The same information appears on the “Migration Execution” page.

On the next screen you can see the final data on source files.

Please click “Finish”.

The source application demonstrates work with database queries; read and write files; database cursors' commands: open, fetch, close; COBOL redefines clause; also copy, call subprogram clauses.

The conversion results have a file structure. Variables from Data division are converted to class variables, and paragraphs from Procedure division are converted to class methods. The additional classes are created for structures.

Moreover, our tool handles COPY and INCLUDE clauses.

The dependencies and data types used in the files included are operated automatically.

In order to achieve high level of automated conversion and to obtain maintainable code as a result, we created a special Java framework that is provided along with the conversion results.

When the migration process is completed we can integrate files to IDE, Eclipse, for example, compile them and run.

Please feel free to contact Ispirer team for additional information about application conversion. We will be glad to assist you in your migration projects.

Thank you for your time. Bye.

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