Sybase CT-LIB to Oracle Pro*C Conversion

We have been spending years to make our automated database migration software Ispirer MnMTK be more functional and more attractive to the client. Today not only do we propose the database conversion tool Ispirer MnMTK for stored procedure migration, function migration, trigger migration, view migration, schema migration and data migration. We help understand our clients the value of automated database and application migration solutions that enable business growth.

SQLWays can convert Sybase CT-LIB C/C++ API to Oracle Pro*C.

An Oracle Precompiler is a programming tool that enables the user to embed SQL statements in a high-level source program.

Conversion features

MnMTK database API migration tool automatically convert Sybase CT-LIB to Oracle Pro*C. It can:

  • Add the include files for Oracle Pro*C API functions and structures
  • Declare host variable
  • Convert API Sybase CT-LIB methods to Oracle Pro*C EXEC SQL statements
  • Convert dynamic SQL

Also MnMTK API conversion tool can migrate data base in the chosen direction.


MnMTK API conversion tool can easily migrate your Sybase CT-LIB and embedded SQL project to Oracle Pro*C. This allows you to dramatically decrease conversion risks and significantly reduce in-house efforts. Reasonable pricing strategy makes MnMTK even more powerful instrument for such a migration type.

If you are interested in these services, please contact us for more information.