Our client, a Canada-based leader and innovator in integrated pharmacy technology, enlisted Ispirer to perform an application migration.


PowerBuilder, .NET


The challenge was to perform an application conversion from PowerBuilder to C#. The realization of graphical user interface (GUI) was a crucial part of the original application in PowerBuilder. This entailed the need to use Windows Forms during the conversion from GUI to .Net. The total scope of migration was about two million lines of code.


Usually, all large projects start with the Proof-of-Concept (POC) phase which demonstrates Ispirer’s reliability and competency to the client. The scope of the POC covered around ten thousand lines, and the time limit was six weeks. At the beginning of the POC, the level of automation was not high enough for our client’s requirements. So, several customizations were performed, wherein a lot of conversion solutions were added. Every week, a new version of SQLWays was sent to the customer along with the current version of Visual Studio Solution.

Results and Advantages

Ispirer’s technicians completed the POC and proved to the client that the project could be performed betimes. The team also demonstrated how the automation level could reach the maximal mark within a few weeks, despite the new direction of migration. Additionally, our technical specialists showed how further customizations could be introduced into the tool, producing a desired effect. Needless to say, the client was extremely satisfied with the results of the POC.