• Customer: System Integrator
  • Country: Russia
  • Product Used: Ispirer Turn-Key Migration Service
  • Source Technology: Oracle
  • Target Technology: PostgreSQL
  • Project Scope: 40,000 LOCs
  • Project Duration: 2016-2017


The company is one of the leaders that provides integrated technology and services solutions for financial industry. Among their clients are large banks, insurance companies, treasuries, other financial organizations.


The customer was performing migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL for one of their clients. To achieve results in a short time set by the client, the company decided to partially delegate the project to an experienced partner.


The best way to perform the migration service was to use the Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit (Ispirer MnMTK). As Ispirer MnMTK is a flexible tool, it can be quickly configured to fit all the features of the source code.

During the Analysis Stage, a thorough review of the source code showed the presence of some specific features. The Ispirer team used different approaches to perform conversion from Oracle to PostgreSQL.

1) The automatic conversion of the following statements was extended:

  • User defined types;
  • Oracle collections;
  • Global Package variables;
  • Hierarchical queries;
  • Pipelined functions.

2) The following objects were migrated manually:

  • DBMS_LOCK_ALLOCATED system table emulation.

3) A specific solution was created to emulate work of the DBMS_LOCK package through the DBLINK extension.

The converted results were delivered on time and successfully imported into the SQL objects of the PostgreSQL target database. The 6-week acceptance stage passed in a regular mode.

Benefits Derived from Conversion

With Ispirer Systems, the customer was able to complete the entire migration on time. More than 120 Oracle stored procedures with around 30,000 lines of code and several packages containing around 10,000 lines of code have been successfully converted to the PostgreSQL database.

Meanwhile, Ispirer had another opportunity to prove the experience and competence of its specialists.