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NedGraphics, The Netherlands, Migration to C#.NET

C/C++, AutoLISP to C#.NET
NedGraphics, The Netherlands. Application Migration to C#.NET

"The Project was to migrate the application NedInfra from C/C++, AutoLISP to C#.NET. NedInfra Suite is an extensive add-on for AutoCAD (and AutoCAD Map and AutoCAD Civil 3D), designed for civil engineers. NedInfra supports over 70 customers, both government and private companies. The application had been around for over 25 years and – although intensively maintained over the years – it needed a thorough restructuring and modernization.

Besides from migration to C#.NET, the application was also optimized by the Ispirer team in terms of: reduction of Lines-of-Code, Duplicated Block, Bugs and Code Smells. Also implemented were: Object Orientation, GUI-modernization (C#-WPF and MVVM), unit- and UI-testing framework.

Working with the Ispirer team was both very professional and pleasant. We agreed on getting to know each other and the Project specifics, step-by-step: a joint technical workshop in The Netherlands, then execution of a pilot-Project, followed by the final Migration Project in 2 Stages. Weekly web-meetings were an efficient way to communicate.

We were impressed with the knowledge, professionality, hard work and enthusiasm of the Ispirer team. Through this Migration Project we have a solid base for further expanding our application. In this way, we are confident that our modernized NedInfra Suite, will keep on serving our demanding customers, for many years to come."

March 2, 2017 Hennie Genee
Manager Development
NedGraphics B.V.

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