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Sea 4GL to Java Conversion

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Quality and fast migration - is not a luxury but a necessity, when it influences your business. Ispirer ensures you get maximum results with your minimum effort. Since 1999, our team has been working in application and database migration field to deliver high performance migrating solutions at reasonable costs. Over these years, thousands of migration projects have been realized using our software.

If you are looking for a solution to convert your legacy Sea 4GL application to Java, Ispirer offer you the following ways of collaboration:

Migration services

End-to-end migration service

If you would like to have your entire Sea 4GL to Java migration project done for you, Ispirer application migration experts can offer overall migration services and deliver you a ready-to-use converted application in due time. Apart from professional analysis, evaluation, performance and testing of your migration, we also specialize in changing and adding of the functionality.

Basic migration service

In case you have enough technical resources of your own and just want us to help you to renovate your Sea 4GL legacy application quickly and easily to the modern Java, a Basic migration service would be the best option. As a result, you will have your code optimized to a compilable level and reach your basic performance goals.

Automated migration using Ispirer software

Tool License with Extension Stages

If you are interested in automated migration using our tool Ispirer MnMTK, for large-scale projects we can offer a tool License with Extension Stages. Taking into account the fact that such specific migration directions as Sea 4GL to Java at this moment are not fully developed in our tool, there will be a need in tool extension.

During the Extension process Ispirer technical team will implement new conversion rules into the tool. Like that, within 2-3 months you will have the Ispirer migration tool entirely customized and updated according to the needs of your particular project. With the extended tool you will be able to convert a large amount of your Sea 4GL application code to Java and, therefore, significantly reduce overall effort and time for the migration.

Once the Extension process is completed, all you will need is to purchase the license and get your application automatically migrated with the help of ready-to-use tool.


Before you make a decision to purchase our migration services or tool license, we can convert a part of your Sea 4GL application during a Proof-of-Concept stage in order to ensure that your Sea 4GL application can be smoothly migrated to Java. It will allow you to evaluate the high quality of the migration of your code and see if the results answer your requirements.

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Ispirer Migration Solution

Sea 4GL to Java


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Ispirer Migration Solution

Sea 4GL to Java

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Main benefits of choosing Ispirer for your Sea 4GL migration project:

  • Target code corresponds to Java language best practices
    Due to high flexibility of our tools we can use the best and up-to-date Java technologies for conversion of your Sea 4GL application.
  • Readable and Maintainable Code
    Generation of readable and maintainable code with manual conversion quality.
  • Pure Java Code
    No Ispirer’s libraries or IP used after conversion.
  • High quality and experienced technical support
    Our technical team has many years of experience in migration projects of different levels of complexity. We will help you to migrate from Sea 4GL to Java quickly and easily.
  • Considerable time and efforts saving
    Migrating time will be reduced considerably, compared with a manual conversion.

If you need more information regarding Sea 4GL to Java Conversion with Ispirer, please, Contact Us, we will be glad to help you.

Meet Ispirer MnMTK 2017!
October 4, 2017 Meet Ispirer MnMTK 2017!

We are glad to announce the Release of Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit 2017! We worked in a strong cooperation with our customers to make it more convenient and powerful.


I have got your letter and the demo version. I tried it and it seems a very efficient and complex solution which is able to create oracle import scripts.

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